Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Love Boat Appearances

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders sailed The Love Boat twice! The first appearance was in the third season of the show (Episodes #62 and #63). The first airing was November 10, 1979. The Cheerleaders who danced on the cruise ship were: Kim McKenney, Susan Jones, Debi Brooks, Shannon Baker, Suzette Scholz, Kim Kilway, Gaye Carter, Tami Barber, Pam Richey, Tammy Roberts, Michelle Vaughan and Jill Waggoner. Then DCC Director Suzanne Mitchell accompanied the group.

The second appearance took place the following year. There were some new faces this time, including Teri Richardson, Stephanie Scholz, Jeane Monfort, Janet Fulkerson, Angelia Pannell and Candy Causey. Both DCC appearances on the Pacific Princess along with their two Made-for-TV movies helped cement their status as the iconic darlings of America. It is a reputation that still holds true to this day.

Sources: Love Boat Episode #62 and Love Boat Episode #63



Video:  DCC on The Love Boat


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