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The Lovely Scholz Sisters
[Suzette (standing), Scheri, Stephanie (seated)]

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Stephanie Scholz Neurohr is an author, filmmaker, designer, and mother of seven children, including twins and a baby with special needs. A stay-at-home mom who loves to carpool, cook, and sew for her family, Stephanie lovingly comments that she gets her best ideas and material from her test market "in house." Emmy award-winning producer and director Tom Bywaters describes Stephanie as "a motherhood industry!" World Health Organization Scientist Randa Saadeh distinguishes Stephanie as "a mother making a difference."

Neurohr, degreed in film, has received extensive experience both in front and behind the camera. A former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, she has traveled the world performing and authored Deep In The Heart of Texas: The Real Story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. She has appeared on numerous talk shows including Larry King Live, NFL Today, Inside Edition, Jenny Jones, Joan Rivers, Maurey Povich, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and The British Broadcasting Show.

Most recently, Neurohr wrote, produced, and directed the highly acclaimed Discovery Health Channel film Autumn's Story. This compelling, heart-rending documentary tells the story of Stephanie's seventh baby, Autumn, who lost her twin in-utero and entered the world with life-threatening birth defects. Stephanie documented the pregnancy, birth, NICU experience, and first two years of Autumn's fragile life in notes, photographs, and video footage. Viewers witness the NICU and horrific aftermath through the eyes of the mother who struggles to keep both herself and her baby alive. Autumn, now four, is healthy, happy, and thriving.


Source: Mother of 7

An inspiring woman with a pioneering spirit, Stephanie shares her experience, expertise, and passion for motherhood through the written word, the visual image, and through her extraordinary example. She resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband Hunt and children Autumn, Brock, Brett, Hunt, Capri, Noelle and Tiffany. Stephanie describes her life, family, and work as "passionate labors of love, in-progress."


The Lovely Scholz Sisters
[Suzette, Scheri, Stephanie (seated)]

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