Black Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
All-Time Roster




Below is a listing of all the names of known Black Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders past and present. It includes Black DCCs from 1970 to the present.  There are a few unknowns from the 1972-1977 squads. I apologize for these omissions. I also apologize for any inaccuracies on this page. If anyone has information on a cheerleader who has been omitted from or unintentionally misrepresentated on this roster, please e-mail me at

Ally Traylor (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011) photo
Angel Bland (1978, 1979, 1980) Show Group 
Angela Luddington (Late 1970s) photo
Bernadette Chaires (1986) photo
Betty Jefferson Johnson (1971) (Member of first squad to cheer at Texas Stadium) photo
Beverly Kirven (1970s) photo
Beverly Rogers (1984) photo
Carisa Rose  (2012, 2013) photo
Carolyn Jackman (Late 1990s) photo
Carmen Butler (2005-2007) photo
Cheryl Balderas (Early 1980s) photo
Christina Carr (1991-1994, Showgroup, Fan Favorite) photo
Chrystal Roberson (2004) photo
Danyce Scott (Early 1990s, Showgroup) photo
Dara McFarlane (2007 and 2008, Showgroup) photo
Deanovoy Nichols (Original DCC, Early 1970s)
Deborah Rogers (1970s) photo
Dee Dee Adams (Mid 1990s) photo
Deryn Derbigny (2006, 2007, Showgroup) photo
Dierdre McClain (Late 1970s) photo
Elizabeth Moore (1988) photo
Emily Clark (First Hearing Impaired NFL Cheerleader, 1992) photo
Heather Marley (1999, Showgroup, Cousin of Bob Marley) Web Page
Inga Van Wagoner (1995, Mother) photo
Iris Steward (2000, 2001 and 2002, Mother) photo
Jacie Veronica (2012, 2013, Show Group) photo
Jackie Bob (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Show Group, Group Leader) photo
Janelle Shumate (2003) photo
Jasmin Jones (2004 and 2005) photo
Jasmine Raphaella (2012, 2013) photo 
Jenna Lene (2012, 2013, Show Group) photo 
Jennifer Franklin (Late 1990s) photo
Jen Hill (2005, 2006) photo
Jill Marie Jones (1993 and 1994, Showgroup, Actress) Web Page
Jill Waggoner (Late 1970s, Showgroup, Medical Doctor, Author) Web Page
Judy London (1980s, Six Years, Showgroup, Former DCC Assistant Director) photo
Kaye Claybourne (1987) photo
Kenia Brown (1999 and 2000, Showgroup) Web Page
Kimberly Ball (Mid 1990s, News Anchor, Former Teacher) Web Page
Kourtney Mitchell (Early 1990s, Showgroup) photo
Leah Lyons (2002) photo
Leslie Shaw (1991, Choreographer) Web Page
Linda Dillard (1974) photo
Marcia Smith (1983) photo
Marion Cooper (1986, Realtor and Author) photo
Mary Linda Williams Smith (1970) (Member of first all-girl squad) photo
Maya Hayes (2002 and 2003, Showgroup) photo
Melonie White (1970s) photo
Mia Greenhouse (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Show Group, Group Leader) photo
Monica Cravinas (2002 thru 2005) photo
Nadajalah Bursey (1983-84) photo
Nasha Thomas (1982, Dance Director - Alvin Ailey) Web Page
Natalynne Walton (1979) photo
Nicky Buggs (1992, Actress) photo
Nicole Hamilton (2005-2010, Group Leader, 2005 Rookie of the Year, 2009 Pro Bowl Cheerleader, 2010 Veteran of the Year, Show Group, DCC All Star) photo
Opal Bush (1990 and 1991) photo
Pamela Guyton (1991 and 1992, Showgroup, Body Builder) Web Page
Preea Jernigan (1992, 1993 and 1994, Showgroup) photo
Rashida Pridgen (2001 and 2002) photo
Regina Tucker (1990s, Seven Years, Showgroup) photo
Renee Henderson (Walker) (1971) (Member of first squad to cheer at Texas Stadium) photo
Rhonda Cumby (Dawson) (1982 and 1983, Former flight attendant on Cowboys flights) photo
Ryan Ray (2007 and 2008) photo
Sasha Agent (2010, 2011) photo

Sharedale Skeins (1971) (Member of first squad to cheer at Texas Stadium)
Sharon Clement (Early 70s) photo
Shatera Kennedy (2005) photo
Shenythia Frazier (2000 and 2003 thru 2005, DCC All Star) photo
Shronda Watts (1994, Showgroup) photo
Sonja Samuel (Brooks) (Mid 1980s, Married former Cowboy Kevin Brooks) photo
Sue Slaughter (1970) (Member of first all-girl squad) photo
Tammi Ratcliff (1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995, Showgroup, Mother of twins) Web Page
Taunya Plumlee (1983) photo
Teri Richardson (Early 1980s, Four Years, Showgroup) photo
Terra Watson (Latter 1990s, Five Years, Showgroup, Dance Wear Designer) Web Page
Tia Williams (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) photo
Toni Washington (Early 1980s, Four Years, Showgroup)
Tonia Jones (1995, Former Basketball Player) photo
Valesta Henderson (1971) (Member of first squad to cheer at Texas Stadium) photo
Vanessa Baker (1970s, Seven Years, Showgroup, Member of first all-girl squad) Web Page
Vanessa Jenkins (2009) photo
Vicki Bennett (Nickerson) (1989, 1990) photo, (Deceased 08/11/2010.  R.I.P. Vicki)
Vikki Wells (1984) photo
Virginia Edloe (Mauldin) (1971) (Member of first squad to cheer at Texas Stadium) photo
Vonceil Baker (Original DCC, 1970s, Record Eight Years, Showgroup, Mother) Web Page
Yvonne Stanton Silver (1970s) photo



BONUS (Just For Fun): Check out this artist's rendition of supermodel Tyra Banks in a DCC uniform. No, she was never a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, but she certainly is beautiful enough. This image is located in the Yahoo Group "dallascowgirlspics." Artist unknown (signed Stevens 1999).

Now check out this photo of a DCC (Iris Steward) with Halle Berry's face superimposed. This work was done by Phil Sexton of the Yahoo Group "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders."


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